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    azmoon dabirestan

About IUC

International University of Chabahar is a non-profit university which was established in 2002, with the approval of the Ministry Of Science, Research and Technology.

To achieve its aims regarding training responsible, creative, professional, and productive students who respect Islamic values and human ideals, this university, besides enforcing high and outstanding academic standards, embarked on designing educational activities commensurate with the current conditions of the real world. The philosophy behind establishing this university is appreciating values and achieving objectives which can be delineated as the following: believing in research-based and knowledge-based university, providing Iranian students with a place for pursuing their education without being forced to leave Iran and study abroad, training well-educated and professional workforce to serve the country, and particularly free zones, preserving national culture in tandem with developing knowledge and personal skills, providing students with required educational and research services, planning for students to guarantee their success, strengthening educational links with higher education institutes at national and international level.



Why IUC?

Being in the Free Zone has the opportunity to research using superior technology, the relationship between different international provinces, especially the eastern neighbors, and the establishment of relationships through entrepreneurship and creativity student education.


THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE TRAINING ACADEMY As one of the leading English language teaching academy, TELTA offers a perfect opportunity for learners of English to equip themselves with the necessary English communication skills they need for excelling at workplaces, education, technology, art, music etc.

Campus Life

We keep our beautiful campus exciting with interesting events and on-goings all year around. Need a breather after class? With over 5 clubs and societies available, you can play football and join martial arts, go sea side or attend a swimming  and Diving club after class is over.



Virtual Tour

Workshop on "Understanding Databases" will be held on March 8, 2018 at the training Building.


Address: Chabahar - Free Trade Zone - Chabahar - Terce Behesht Industrial Estate - Chabahar International University
Contact number: +98 54 35314310 | +98 54 31292204
Fax number: +98 54 35314300
Official Telegram Channel: @iucpr
Public Relations Contact Number: +98 54 31292225 | +98 54 35314301
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