Administered by Postgraduate Studies, our Postgraduate programs are offered to bachelor degree holders.

Duration: 2 years

Academic year is semester based with two semester in each year.


Postgraduate courses  


  • IT (E commerce)
  • MBA
  • Business management(marketing)
  • Spatial planning
  • Civil engineering(Structure)
  • business management(finance)


How to apply 


to apply, complete the application form and send it to us with the required documentary evidence.


Financial assistance 


Our university offer financial assistance to top students as follows:


  • Students with first class marks exempt from fixed tuition fees.
  • Students with second class marks exempt from 75% of fixed tuition fees.
  • Students with third class marks exempt from 50 % of fixed tuition fees.


Tution fees


The structure of tuition fees of university composed with two parts of fixed and variable.

Fixed tuitions fees is fix for all semester and variable part is depend on credits that will be take by students.


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