Study English at our fantastic English language academy.

At TELTA, we are committed to helping you achieve your potential in language learning and improve your English skills. Whether you want to learn English for business, further education or simply for pleasure, we know what it takes to ensure you make the progress you need to succeed.

We ensure students develop all aspects of their language learning and improve English skills both inside and outside the classroom whilst having fun. We offer students high quality English language courses at an affordable price.

All our courses are run in modern. Well-equipped and state-of-the-art English language classrooms and our language teaching programme is managed and led by a team of experienced and dedicated staff. We have excellent teachers and diverse courses to suit your specific needs. Our classes aim to increase students' confidence in communication through engaging activities and language being presented in a real world context.


  • General English
  • Intensive and semi-intensive programmes
  • IELTS Exam Preparation
  • English for academic purposes


  • Communication Skills
  • Business English
  • IELTS / TOEFL Exam Preparation


English for Kids

TELTA offers its young learners amazing English language programmes for Students aged between 4 and 12.

Our kids' programmes are available from 1 – 6 weeks each featuring exciting activities with a view to improving their general English speaking abilities in a conducive and fun way. Kids English class activities are designed to nurture curiosity and creativity, encouraging teamwork and leadership skills and boost confidence in a safe and supportive environment.





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