Personal Counseling

Personal Counseling is available on a limited basis. Counselor provides students with counseling to help them in self exploration as it relates to their college experience and their educational goals.

  • individually or in a group
  • concerns with the things that are bothering the client



Educational Counseling

  • deals with improving a student’s efficiency and adequacy in scholastic achievement
  • concerns with matters of choice and planning




Career Counseling

Career counseling enables students to understand their values, interests and skills and to research a variety of career options. The career planning process also assists in learning to manage job/life transitions

  • concerns issues dealing mainly with vocational choices
  • focuses on the development of career decision making skills
  • provides direct assistance in job placements
  • organizes on campus interviews






The Counseling Unit also provides short courses and workshops on specific information and skills in the area of counseling and career such as:

  • assertiveness training
  • motivation
  • facing interviews and resume writing
  • study skills
  • counseling techniques
  • communication skills
  • adjusting in a new environment for International Students
  • self-improvement for potential students




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