Signing off the Memorandum of Understanding(MoU)
 memorandum of understanding(mou) signed between international university of chabahar (iuc) and national institute of design (nid)india.
according to the MOU both sides are seeking way to develop and carry out activities. the activities include:
to explore possibilities of development and operation of academic programs in iuc in various levels.
design and implementation of some industry level short courses in iuc.
to facilitate exchange of students for both training and cultural purposes.
facilitating technology transfer between both sides.
holding joint education events and summits in various fields of design.

The RAHSA center was officially established on July 26, 2018, by the Principal of IUC, Mr. Arsalan dejkam, in the presence of Dr Abdolrahim Kordi, CEO at CFZ and investors with an opening ceremony organized by International University of Chabahar.  Managing the wealth requires a coordinated financial and investment strategy, and advisers who understand the needs. This is what RAHSA  planning for. Center of RAHSA provides financial, Investment, Valuation and validation services to both Domestic and Foreign firms and investors.



Etiquette & protocols “Behavioral Patterns and Practices “workshop specialized for activist’s tourist and social activities was held in the Conference Hall Chabahar Free Zone by the International University.

 The 1st Arithland "Math Games" conference in Free zone Chabahar
IUC aims to increase the interest and understanding of math for school students in life and familiar with the methods of education through the game, the conference "Awesome Math Games" on October 17-20 with Professor Majid Mirza vaziri, creator of Arithland and Professor at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, was held in Chabahar.

The meeting of Technology Incubator was Held at International University of Chabahar at FEB 2018. Attendees Included members of IC council discussed on the issue of reviewing the current regulations   and the establishment of new applicant’s plans. Finally, the members agreed with establishment of two plans of Eco-tourism and Electricity Generation by solar system.


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