Information Technology Center

In forth coming decades, along with the fast paste development of information and communication technologies, the mission of this center expanded into establishing a fast, reliable, and scalable network infrastructure, developing and providing online services according to changing university needs.

Our vision is to become a leading information technology provider for the higher education in S & B state, and to actively cooperate with partners in academia and industry.


  • Leading and planning for the effective use of ICT throughout the university
  • Providing a powerful, reliable and secure information and communication technology infrastructure for the university
  • Providing comprehensive integrated online university



Address: Chabahar - Free Trade Zone - Chabahar - Terce Behesht Industrial Estate - Chabahar International University
Contact number: +98 54 35314310 | +98 54 31292204
Fax number: +98 54 35314300
Official Telegram Channel: @iucpr
Public Relations Contact Number: +98 54 31292225 | +98 54 35314301
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