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International University of Chabahar, University of Karachi start Academic Cooperation
18 October 2021 - 7:29
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Chabahar, IRNA – International University of Chabahar supervisor Naser Abravesh said in line with boosting international academic interactions, chancellors of Chabahar University and University of Karachi in a webinar discussed issues of mutual interest.
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Speaking to IRNA, Abravesh said that international scholarships, IELTS exams and cultural issues were among topics discussed by both sides.

Accordingly, students whose families are living at both sides of Rimdan border and in a particular way hold dual citizenships of both countries of Iran and Pakistan will receive scholarships, he added.

Noting that several universities in Karachi are offering Persian language courses, the Iranian official said that those Pakistani students who can speak Persian will receive scholarships for the next couple of years.

Abravesh stressed Chabahar and Karachi universities’ mutual capacities for establishing cooperation in animation, petrochemical, IT, steel and tourism fields.

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