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Knowledge-based and Job-creating Production
1-1 Definition and Purpose of the Program

For general attitude and efficiency, gaining knowledge and ability in architecture, and studying architectural buildings, this program focuses on building art, principle of building repair and maintenance, and theories of creating human-made environment. According to aforementioned attitudes, Architectural Engineering program is based on design courses, in order to alumni can achieve knowledge and develop skills while they play an effective role in the research and professional areas. An architectural expert must wittingly collect, prioritize, and sum up data, and present a systematic architectural project through achieved knowledge and reasonable application.

The aims of creating a systematic curriculum that can guarantee the quality of program curriculum through alumni’s evaluation and appraise educational processes, are as follows:
1. Bridging the existing gaps,
2. Considering Iranian-Islamic architecture,
3. Coordinating with International Education System.

1-2 Alumni's Mission and Ability

This program is aimed at training expert architectures within a common professional ability. According to the ability they gain, the alumni can play a highly effective role in the following issues:
1. Designing from early to implementation levels and sketching details and elements of buildings. As a matter of fact, this issue is the major function of an expert architecture.
2. Cooperating with consulting architectural engineers in order to design development and architectural projects preparation of level one and two.
3. Supervising the validity of action and implementation.
4. Running for a seat on municipalities and other similar organizations.
5. Teaching in uncontinuous bachelor and technical and vocational high schools.

1-3 Program Curriculum

This program curriculum is 8 semesters. The importance of interdisciplinary topics in teaching architecture, creating a particular time for studying the content of this program, considering the number of units that student are needed to spent time for during each semester are token into account. At the end of the eighth semester, the final project should be submitted in such a way that at least four months from the approval of the proposal is considered to advance it.
For supporting the educational process in this program, two experiential adventures separately are considered for students.

1-4 Number and Type of Courses

The total number of courses included in the curriculum of Architectural Engineering adds up to 140 units, which included: A. 24 units, basic courses; B. 81 units, core courses; C. 22 units, general courses; and D. 13 units, elective courses.