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Knowledge-based and Job-creating Production
1-1 Definition and Purpose of the Program

Master of Civil Engineering program is represented in International University of Chabahar with a concentration on structures. This program focuses on theoretical, applied, laboratory courses, and research to enhance the knowledge of professional civil engineers; so as to provide sufficient background for improving what is going on at the frontiers of technology and performance.

The purpose is to train people who have the required ability to design and monitor the implementation of specialized projects in the relevant field.

In addition, the alumni have sufficient research power to solve the problems they face in their professional field.

1-2 Alumni's Mission and Ability

The alumni are expected to play an effective role in development projects of the country. In addition to scientific and technical proficiency on project designing and performance, the alumni will attain diagnostic skills in best selection and qualification for project designing and performance.

1-3 Program Curriculum

The program curriculum is designed for 4 semesters and its duration is a maximum of 3 years (according to the regulations of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology). Each semester constitutes 16 full academic weeks, and the duration of each theoretical course is 16 hours; and the duration of each practical course (lab and workshop course) is 48 hours.

1-4 Number and Type of Courses

The total number of courses included in the curriculum of this program adds up to 32 units: Specialized-Mandatory Courses, 12 units
Elective Courses: 12 units
Compensatory Courses for students having unrelated bachelor degrees: 9 units
Seminar and Research Methodology: 2 units
; Thesis: 6 units

First Semester

Item Course Title Number of Units Type of Course Prerequisites
1 Elasticity Theory 3 Mandatory
2 Finite Element Method 3 Mandatory
3 Advanced Concrete Technology 3 Mandatory-Elective
4 Structural Analysis I (Compensatory) 3 Compensatory
Sum of Semester’s Units 12
First Semester

Second Semester

ItemCourse TitleNumber of UnitsType of CoursePrerequisites
1Structural Dynamics3Mandatory
2Advanced Engineering Mathematics3Mandatory
3Seminar and Research Methodology2Mandatory
4Reinforced Concrete I (Compensatory)3Compensatory
 Sum of Semester Units11  
Second Semester

Third Semester

Item Course Title Number of Units Type of Course Prerequisites
1 Advanced Reinforced Concrete Structures 3 Mandatory-Elective
2 Advanced Steel Structures 3 Mandatory-Elective
3 Seismic Retrofitting of Existing Structures 3 Mandatory-Elective
4 Advanced Steel Structures I (Compensatory) 3 Compensatory
Sum of Semester Units 12
Third Semester

Fourth Semester

Item Course Title Number of Units Type of Course Prerequisites
1 Thesis 6 Mandatory
Sum of Semester Units 6
Fourth Semester

Fixed and Variable Tuition Fees for Master’s Programs at International University of Chabahar in Academic Year 2021-2022

Department Fixed Tuition Fee (Iranian Rials) Variable Tuition Fee (Iranian Rials) Thesis (Theoretical) Laboratory
Engineering 18,745,375 3,357,750 8,340,200 10,425,250