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Knowledge-based and Job-creating Production
1-1 Definition and Purpose of the Program

The Financial Management program is aimed at training professional manpower for public and private companies. In this program, the alumni will also ingest new theories and applications of financial management.

In addition to getting acquainted with the theoretical issues of financial management, the participants in this program will be acquainted with new areas of such knowledge and how to apply such knowledge in real-world situations. The specificity of this program is to increase analysis power in practical arenas by means of applied tools.

1-2 Program Curriculum

The duration of each program is a maximum of 6 semesters, which will include theoretical courses and thesis. Each semester consists of 16 academic weeks.

1-3 Number and Type of Courses

The total number of courses included in the curriculum of master of Financial Management adds up to 32 units. In addition to specialized courses and thesis, students are required to complete compensatory and prerequisite courses. Generally, the curriculum of master of Financial Management is offered in the three following classifications:

A. Compensatory courses: according to the time gap and type of bachelor’s degree, these courses, separately, are given to every student.

B. Prerequisite courses, 12 units.

C. Core and specialized courses: theoretical courses, 28 units and thesis, 4 units.

Fixed and Variable Tuition Fees for Master’s Programs at International University of Chabahar in Academic Year 2021-2022

Department Fixed Tuition Fee (Iranian Rials) Variable Tuition Fee (Iranian Rials) Thesis (Theoretical) Laboratory
Humanities 18,745,375 3,357,750 8,340,200 10,425,250