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Knowledge-based and Job-creating Production
1-1 Definition and Purpose of the Program

The master program in International Trade Law is one of the scientific and specialized legal programs meant to teach legal issues in international marketing and trade. In this program, various domestic and international legal issues related to the export of goods to other countries and the import of goods into the country will be taught and various domestic and international legal rules will be comparatively examined.

The program aims at increasing: – students’ awareness of domestic rules and regulations related to Iran's international trade,
– students' awareness of international and global rules and regulations related to foreign trade of countries,
– Students’ familiarity with international treaties and documents related to international trade,
– students' familiarity with foreign and international organizations and institutions involved in international business,
– students' knowledge and information for the development of legal-economical sciences and technologies and international and global competition,
– trained specialized forces to meet the legal needs of the country's commercial hub, as well as preparing capable forces to participate in the international arena in relation to various commercial-legal issues.

1-2 Alumni's Mission and Ability

The necessity and importance of holding this program lies in the country's need for judges, lawyers, and legal experts to serve at domestic and international levels. Therefore, the creation and proper implementation of this program can help meet the needs of the country in this area. Of course, there are different concentrations at the specialized level of this field offered in the form of various master and doctoral programs. These concentrations include private and Islamic law, criminal law and criminology, public law and international law, etc., which examine the broad theoretical and practical dimensions and legal aspects.

1-3 Program Curriculum

Master of International Trade Law lasts a minimum of 4 semesters and a maximum of 5 semesters (with a thesis) and each student must pass 32 units according to the schedule. In addition, students who have not passed the 2-unit course Islamic Education and the 2-unit course Logic in their bachelor program must also pass these 4 units during their master program.

1-4 Number and Type of Courses

The total number of courses included in the curriculum of International trade law adds up to 32 units as follows:
1- Specialized Courses (mandatory and elective), 28 units;
2- Thesis, 4 units
also, 4 units of compensatory courses for students having unrelated bachelor degrees.

Fixed and Variable Tuition Fees for Master’s Programs at International University of Chabahar in Academic Year 2021-2022

Department Fixed Tuition Fee (Iranian Rials) Variable Tuition Fee (Iranian Rials) Thesis (Theoretical) Laboratory
Humanities 18,745,375 3,357,750 8,340,200 10,425,250