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Knowledge-based and Job-creating Production
1-1 Definition and Purpose of the Program

The purpose of this program is to train experts in the field of mining engineering who have good expertise and ability in the general aspects of the field of mining engineering (from mine exploration and extraction to issues of rock mechanics related to mining and mineral processing).

The courses included in this program are a combination of general courses, basic courses, core engineering courses, specialized mining engineering courses, and elective courses related to exploration, extraction, rock mechanics, and mineral processing.

1-2 Program Curriculum

The average duration of this programs is 4 years and its curriculum is planned in 8 semesters as described in the attached tables. In addition to theoretical-practical courses (laboratory, workshop, and field work), this undergraduate program has one workshop course (1 unit), one project course (3 units), and two internship courses (each one 1 unit).

1-3 Number and Type of Courses

The total number of units in this program, excluding the internship units, adds up to 140 as follows;
General Courses: 22 units
Basic Courses:  37 units
Core Courses:  28 units
Specialized Courses:  54 units
Elective Courses:  9 units
Internship 1:  2 units
Internship 2:  2 units

Internship courses 1 and 2 are apprenticeship courses, which will not be taken into account when calculating the average and total number of units passed. Based on its facilities (professors, laboratories, etc.) and its regional advantages and needs as well as at the discretion of the relevant department, each university can offer several elective courses listed in the Elective Course Table in a few semesters. Then, each student, based on their interest, must take a total of 4 units out of the offered elective courses, provided that the quorum of the desired class is reached in different semesters.