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Knowledge-based and Job-creating Production
1-1 Definition and Purpose of the Program

The discontinuous undergraduate program in primary education is designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of primary school teachers. This program is designed in such a way that the teacher, while recognizing their role in the teaching-learning process, familiarity with new educational methods, and understanding the need to keep up with the scientific and educational developments, will guide the young generation of the society towards the growth in all aspects, specially the development of the required basic skills.

– Familiarity with the principles, approaches, goals, contents, teaching and evaluation methods of primary school curriculum.
– Acquiring skills in reviewing and analyzing primary school curriculum and have an effective role in their implementation.
– Acquiring the necessary attitudes or new knowledge in the field of primary education.

1-2 Alumni's Mission and Ability

Upon completion of this program, alumni are expected to acquire the following competences and abilities:

1- Familiarity with how to acquire knowledge in order to develop students in school subjects.

2- Familiarity with the educational role of society, social and cultural institutions, family, and school.

3- Recognizing their role as a facilitator in the learning process.

4- Recognizing the basic parts of the thinking process.

5 – Familiarity with the ideas and principles of learning in primary school.

6- Familiarity with the principles of educational design in order to create flexibility in the implementation of curriculum appropriate to the learners’ conditions.

7- Familiarity with learning resources and how to use them in developing professional competencies.

8- Familiarity with the curriculum planning process.

9- Familiarity with learning resources, and how to prepare and use them in educational design.

10- Recognizing the growth specifications of students in primary school in order to facilitate their growth in all aspects.

11- Familiarity with study and research methods.

12- Recognizing the principles of primary education in order to use them in students' learning.

13 – Familiarity with different teaching methods and evaluation of students' performance in different areas of learning.

1-3 Program Curriculum

The length of discontinuous undergraduate program in this field is 2 years and all of the courses presents in “unit” educational system and during 4 semesters. Each semester is 16 weeks and the teaching time of each theoretical unit in one semester is 16 hours, each practical unit is 32 hours, and each workshop unit is 48 hours.

1-4 Number and Type of Courses

 The total number of units is 70 as follows:
General Courses: 4 Units
Educative Courses: 9 Units
Core and Specialized Courses: 43 Units
Elective Courses: 10 Units

Fixed and Variable Tuition Fees for Continuous and Discontinuous Bachelor Programs at International University of Chabahar in Academic Year 2020-2021

Department Fixed Tuition Fee (Iranian Rials) General Variable Tuition Fee (Iranian Rials) Variable Tuition of Theoretical Courses (Iranian Rials) Main Variable Tuition of Specialized Theoretical Courses (Iranian Rials) Tuition Fee of Practical Courses (Iranian Rials) Tuition Fee of Each Project Unit (Iranian Rials)
Humanities 8,727,812 470250 671,275 704,344 570,625 1,678,359