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Knowledge-based and Job-creating Production
1-1 Definition and Purpose of the Program

In line with development and organization of geographical logic, land use planning is the application of studying geography in order to make human life better.

This program is a collection of variable views, principles, methods, and techniques for understanding land space use, analysis, and planning at different levels.

Land Use Planning program aims at: training land use planning professional human power in Iran and neighboring countries; paving the grounds for enhancing the knowledge of land use planning professionals; providing the required knowledge for planners’ comprehensive attitude to city and village based on urban and rural consistent development; eliminating gaps in land use planning studies in the field of geography; and reinforcing land use planning in developmental plans.

1-2 Alumni's Mission and Ability

The alumni of this program will be able to play an effective role in the development and implementation of regional land use planning projects across the country.

Regional development plans, spatial-skeletal organizational plans for rural areas, socio-economic development plans for rural areas,national and regional skeletal plans, socio-economic development plans for provinces, and finally, development and implementation of national and provincial land use planning projects are among the projects which the alumni of this program can play an effective role in.

Also, governmental institutions and organizations such as Management and Planning Organization of Iran, provincial governments, Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, Housing Foundation, and private organizations like consulting engineers companies can provide employment opportunities for the alumni of this program.

1-3 Program Curriculum

The curriculum of master of Land Use Planning is designed for 2 years or 4 semesters. Students will spend a maximum duration of first three semesters on theoretical courses and the last semester, fourth one, on research and thesis.

The Land Use Planning curriculum is divided into educational and research courses. In the educational phase, with a maximum duration of 3 semesters, students are required to complete theoretical and practical courses.

After gaining success in the educational phase, students enter the research phase, i.e. Writing thesis. In the end, they graduate upon defending their thesis.

1-4 Number and Type of Courses

The total number of courses included in the curriculum adds up to 32 units, theoretical course: 28 units; and thesis: 6 units. In this program, in addition to the aforementioned courses, the department offers 6 more units included in bachelor’s of geography to students whose bachelor’s degree is unrelated. The courses are as follows:
Core Mandatory Courses: 12 units
 Specialized courses: 12 units
 Thesis: 6 units

First Semester

Item Course Title Number of Units Type of Course Prerequisites
1 Research Methods in Land Use Planning 2 Mandatory
2 Theories of Spatial Planning 2 Mandatory
3 Land Use Planning 2 Specialized
4 Land Use Planning in Iran 2 Specialized
5 Principles of Rural and Nomadic Geography 2 Compensatory
6 Principles of Urban Geography 2 Compensatory
7 Geomorphology (Principles, Iran) 2 Compensatory
Sum of Semester Units 8
First Semester

Second Semester

Item Course Title Number of Units Type of Course Prerequisites
1 Application of Geographical Information System (GIS) in Land Use Planning 2 Mandatory
2 Population Planning and Society 2 Mandatory
3 Land Use Planning Management 2 Specialized
4 Spatial Structure Analysis in Land Use Planning 2 Specialized
5 Application of Remote Sensing in Land Use Planning 2 Specialized
Sum of Semester Units 10
Second Semester

Third Semester

Item Course Title Number of Units Type of Course Prerequisites
1 Land Economy Planning (Global Experiences) 2 Mandatory
2 Ecological Assessment of Land 2 Mandatory
3 Land Use Planning Political and Security Aspects 2 Specialized
4 Seminar 2 Project
5 Spatial Statistics in Land Use Planning 2 Specialized-Elective
Sum of Semester Units 8
Third Semester

Fourth Semester

Item Course Title Number of Units Type of Course Prerequisites
1 Thesis 6 Specialized
Sum of Semester Units 6
Fourth Semester

Fixed and Variable Tuition Fees for Master’s Programs at International University of Chabahar in Academic Year 2021-2022

Department Fixed Tuition Fee (Iranian Rials) Variable Tuition Fee (Iranian Rials) Thesis (Theoretical) Laboratory
Humanities 18,745,375 3,357,750 8,340,200 10,425,250